Sunday, November 29, 2009

Michael Bird is Getting High on Christology

Over at Euangelion, Michael Bird is Getting High on NT Christology. Bird moves beyond the standard Christological works (eg. Hurtado, Bacukham vs Casey, Dunn) to James McGrath's The Only True God.  Personally, I am probably over in Bauckham's camp (sorry, James) but that said, I still don't have my hands on The Only True God (par the chapter on Revelation which I have only glanced at) to have my cherished assumptions questioned.

On this note, I am heading off to uni to pay library fines and find out more about the joint PhD agreement with Edinburgh. Maybe I can spend some time with Hurtado over the next few years?


  1. I took that picture all by myself while I was in Scotland last November! Boy it was cold and windy up on the top of the castle. Especially compared to the 42c/107f degree temperature I have quasi-enjoyed this November back here!

  2. Edinburgh is a wonderful city.

    I'd suggest that you ask the library to order The Only True God, but whether or not that is feasible may depend on the extent of your fines... :)

  3. I thought Edinburgh was amazing. Despite being a bit dull, it felt fresh and pretty clean. However, it may be that I idealised it after spending too much time in England. (I am not much of a fan of England.)

    I'll put in a request. However, they seem to be a bit stingy these days having just spent over $90 million on a new library "which will include Australia's first automated document storage and retrieval system." That's what libraries need - books hidden from browsing view in a basement somewhere available only by request.

  4. And I am now debt free. I got some nasty emails about how I wouldn't be able to re-enrol or obtain a transcript unless I immediately paid the $3 in fines.