Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It would be rude to keep this to myself...

From the pen of Acharya S:

The Book of Revelation is Egyptian and Zoroastrian
One can find certain allegorical place names such as "Jerusalem" and "Israel" in the New Testament Book of Revelation. Gerald Massey has stated that Revelation, rather than having been written by any apostle called John during the 1st century AD/CE, represents a very ancient text that dates to the beginning of this era of history, i.e. possibly as early as 4,000 years ago. Massey also asserts that Revelation relates the Mithraic legend of Zarathustra/Zoroaster. Dr. Hilton Hotema says of this mysterious book, which has baffled mankind for centuries: "It is expressed in terms of creative phenomena; its hero is not Jesus but the Sun of the Universe, its heroine is the Moon; and all its other characters are Planets, Stars and Constellations; while its stage-setting comprises the Sky, the Earth, the Rivers and the Sea."
The word Israel itself, far from being a Jewish appellation, may come from the combination of three different reigning deities: Isis, the Earth Mother Goddess revered throughout the ancient world; Ra, the Egyptian sun god; and El, the Semitic deity passed down in form as Saturn. [Here]


  1. It's hard to type while laughing so hard....

    Chuck Grantham

  2. Haha. It's so hard to disagree with her. She has a 19th century poet on her side. I bet you didn't know where we got the Bible from.

    "So important was the sun to the ancients that they composed a "Sun Book," or "Helio Biblia," which became the "Holy Bible.""

  3. Helio Biblia = Holy Bible?!

    BWAH HA HA!!!!!

    Chuck Grantham

    P.S. Obviously you don't fear stupidity is contagious from your reading material.

  4. This section and the whole pdf file is so bad, I don't even know where you might start to try and untangle it all!


  5. Haha. Chuck, I balance the stupid with lovely works by real scholars. And I agree with you, Jonathan. It really is so bad. She must be a really confused lady if she actually believes what she puts to paper.

    Today she called me an apologists for recommending to someone that they read James D.G. Dunn and see how it pars next to her self-published work. Then she repeated a few times that I have never read her work.

    It's pretty sad.

  6. "Besides Constantine, perhaps no single person had a greater hand in creating
    Christianity than Eusebius, who mutilated the New Testament books and works of
    the earlier Christian founders in a number of ways, including by allegedly inserting
    the newly coined phrase “Jesus Christ,” as well as interpolating other instances of the
    single titles of “Jesus” or “Christ.”"