Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From the 5th - 10th of November, Koorong is having a 20% off sale. What does that mean? I am going to needlessly buy more books at a slightly discounted price! But as I am generally tight, I must have a game plan on how to approach this!

Firstly, I have earlier noted some of the books I wanted to obtain within the new future. Sadly, the first two aren't stocked by Koorong! (On a related note, James McGrath just announced that a chapter 5 'Monotheism and Worship in the Book of Revelation' from his recent book The Only True God is now available online at the Butler University Digital Commons.)

So, my preference for this weeks book shopping:

Bargain Books:
So, the plan is for easy reading. Well, that's probably because the 'academic' section isn't much more than easy reading. However, in reality I am probably going to leave with one of these books at best and impulse buy something which a 20% discount would actually make a difference for.

Oh look, I accidentally posted my Wishlist here.


  1. I've got "Paul and First Century Letter Writing" and its a very interesting, useful book. Good for completely changing people's notion of how Paul wrote all those letters.

    No more sitting in a corner at a desk pondering ponderous thoughts. Richards describes Paul and his fellows sitting with a scribe in a crowded hallway with children running around and people cooking and the Christians referring to notes as they try to dictate to the scribe over all the noise.

    That's a very different, very human picture of the creation of inspired scripture.

    And all the info on the methods and cost of creating the letters is intensely interesting as well.

    Great book, in short.

    Chuck Grantham

  2. Thanks for that, Chuck. It sounds good. I just finished a pretty big project on early Christian personal letters, but I haven't really thought about the issues in Paul's context.

    I'll be getting the book tomorrow if all goes to plan.