Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jesus did NOT Exist.

Following on from my last post regarding ridiculous 'internet scholar' arguments, I am going to attempt to coherently structure a Christ Myth (Jesus-non-existence) argument based only on arguments I have engaged in the past few days. Here it is:

"The fact of Jesus' non-existence is one which dominates the discussion of historical Jesus studies. Without a doubt, most reputable scholars such as Early Doherty, Acharya S and Professor G.A. Wells know this to be true. Those who disagree, such as John Dominic Crossan, James Dunn, Geza Vermes and Ed Sanders are simply unschooled conservative apologists of the Christian faith.

The arguments for this a clear. First of all, there is no early evidence for the existence of Jesus. Our earliest sources, Paul, whose works were composed by Marcion in the 140s make reference only to a spirit. This spirit did not exist in a time or place. It was not until the end of the second century that the gospels were invented to provide a myth to the person. Although some apologists state that Josephus made reference to Jesus, they are wrong because everyone knows that the mentions of Jesus in Josephs were 100% made up.

A great example of this is to examine the death of Jesus in the gospels. Most scholars such as Burton Mack have noted that until Mark there is no explicit mention of the crucifixion. Similarly, in the gospels Jesus' final words are different. Finally, Arrian is among many historians who did not mention Jesus' death or even if he existed. Similarly, in the various versions of the Lord's Prayer they are differrent. This proves that Jesus did not even say it. As even Christian scholars agree, there is no reason to believe Jesus was crucified at all let alone that he lived.

If we move to comparative mythology the case is made even stronger. As the scholar Acharya S notes in her books, the words Sun and son are very similar. Jesus was no more then the "sun of god"; a solar deity appropriated from Egyptian religion. Even Christians today mistake sun and son in their bibles. Jesus is therefore a myth just like the Egyptian sun god and did not exist.

The final argument to be presented is the stories of the apocrypha. The Gnostic gospels, which preceded the New Testament gospels contain stories that cannot always be harmonised with each other. This is just like the myth Hercules. Just because there are some similarities among different myths doesn't mean he existed, just like Jesus."

*waits for someone to cite this argument as legitimate "proof" of Jesus' non-existence"


  1. "Jesus" was an awfully popular name at the time.

    Also, it's usually considered difficult to prove a negative, isn't it?

    It seems it would be easier to say, "Jesus wasn't who Christians say he was."

    Ask Dan Brown.

    Chuck Grantham

  2. You say that Jesus is a myth, "just like the Egyptian Sun god."

    Remember that it wasn't just the Egyptians who saw the Sun as a living being, but the Celts, Greeks, Sumerians, Romans, Maya, Aztec, Inca, Norse, etc and that it was a jealous Church and not science that burned that idea out of our culture.

    My recent book, Sun of gOd, explores that pre-Christian understanding in the light of science - making more sense than you would have ever thought.

    More on it at http://wwwsunofgodnet

  3. Haha Chuck. I had a tribute to remember the "other Jesus" not too long ago:

  4. I really have no idea what to say to you, Gregory. You pretty much embodied what I was getting to into the post, and for that I thankyou.