Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things to do this Monday...

Tutorial and Lecture Prep.

  1. Egyptian Religion: Hornung, Assmann, The Search for God pp. 80-82; Hard, Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses pp.40-42; 133-135; 84-85 = 46-49; 179-182; 108-110.

    Identify religious epigraphy. Print out Reader.

    Also, purchase The Search for God in Ancient Egypt ( Assmann (trans Lorton)) and Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt (Hornung). [By Tuesday Morning]

  2. Pagans, Jews and Christians: Pagan cults of the early centuries of the common era. Tutorial area: the role of personal beliefs; relationship between private belief and public cult; nature of priesthood; role of cult in public or civil life of Rome. [For Wednesday]

    Readings: MacMullen and Lane, Paganism and Christianity pp. 29-74; 79-105. [By Wednesday]

    Type up definitions. [By Thursday]

  3. Alexander the Great: Austin Doc. 4 and Arrian I.11. The Causes of Alexander's Invasion of Persian Territory
    1. What information does Arrian give us about his methods as an historian in the first few
    sentences of his account of Alexander? (Use the Penguin translation: this brief passage is not in Austin.) What light does this throw on the questions below? 2. How consistent are the figures in the various sources for the numbers in the army at the time of the original invasion? How might we explain the level of inconsistency? 3. What information does Arrian give us about the time of year the invasion began? (You may want to read around the set passage a little.) 4. How credible is the incident reported by Diodorus about Alexander being the first to come ashore on Persian-held territory, and claiming it as a “spear-won prize”? 5. What can we tell about Alexander's financial position at the time of the invasion? Compare Plutarch in Austin2 Doc. 4(a), Quintus Curtius 10.2.24 (not in Austin: use the Penguin or Loeb edition) and Arrian 7.8-9. 6. Does Alexander's giving away of large amounts of ‘crown property’ (Austin2 Doc. 4) fit into this picture? Why is Alexander doing this? 7. Particularly given that Alexander had already realised the proceeds of the selling of the 30,000 Thebans (440 talents according to Diodorus 17.14 = Austin2 Doc. 3b), how can we explain his financial situation at this point? 8. Likewise, given his financial situation, how can we explain the timing of the invasion? 9. Supplementary Question: What can we tell from Diodorus 17.7 and Polyaenus 5.44.5 about the strategic situation on the eve of the invasion? To what extent does this change our assessment of Alexander's aims?

    What factors seem to have effected Alexander's decision to invade Asia Minor when and how he did?

So, above includes the essential things. Then we must also add on my time wasting. I will more likely than not head to Koorong before uni to finaly get some of the books I am after. (Note, this will not be happening if the money put into my account doesn't show up by then!)

  • What Have They Done with Jesus? by Ben Witherington III. Only $18.95 - which is a pretty good price as they also have it for almost four times the price for some reason.
  • I was planning on getting the Michael F. Bird book but it still isn't in - "10 on Order"

Meanwhile, back at uni I am going to hunt down:
  • The Christology of Jesus by Ben Witherington [Link] BT216.5 .W57/1990

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