Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robert M. Price - Happy that Someone Recognised his Existence

I have no idea when the interview took place, but once upon a time Bart Ehrman was on the Infidel Guy webcast. On the issue of the non-historicity of Jesus, Ehrman unequivocally stated it is accepted that Jesus existed - no real scholar doubts this. The Infidel Guy was in shock - someone arguing that Jesus actually existed? That isn't the impression one gets when they read the pseudo scholarship of Earl Doherty and others of his ilk.

The Infidel Guy raises the 'multiple Jesus hypothesis.' He states, "Jesus Christ itself just means the annointed basically, any Jewish sect that believed they had the Jesus Christ." Does Ehrman correct him that Jesus the Christ (Yeshua ha Maschia) was a name with the title Messiah/Christ added? Nope. He just lets him go.

So, the Infidel Guy brings in the big guns. Nope, not Richard Carrier...not Earl Doherty...not any other unknown Jesus Mythicist from the Internet - but the Robert M. Price.

"What do you think of Dr Bob Price...?" Asks the Infidel Guy, followed by an immediate "Don't know he the guy who denied Jesus existed?...I don't think he's...I don't really know him, why would I?" The Infidel Guy rattles off some book names and Ehrman continues, "I haven't seen any evidence for his views."

The IG starts up again - "There are some people who have been looking at the evidence more than you with double doctorates...I even think he is a professor." Ehrman cuts him off again, "No he's not...he doesn't have a teaching job..."

So, that is how real scholars in academic circles at accredited institutes of higher education see Price. At first, no idea - and then a snicker out of him when they remember who he is.

So, why am I raising the dead?
Well, today I picked up a copy of The Jesus Legend: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Tradition by Paul R. Eddy and Gregory A. Boyd. What I found interesting was a review of it (actually in the book!) by Robert M. Price.
I am gratified that my friends and colleagues Paul Eddy and Greg Boyd have taken my work as seriously as they have in this comprehensively researched book.
I myself am just shocked -as far as I know, in all the scholarly works on the Historical Jesus, Christian beginnings and the New Testament I have never come across a citation of Price. This must have been an achievement! Finally, someone has taken notice - if only to light the flame.

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