Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Propaganda Crew is Out

Next week at the University of Sydney a number of presentations by Muslims for "Islamic Awareness Week" are going to be taking place. Lo and behold, the level of deceptive propaganda is going to be amazing. One of the lectures of particular note is going to be "Scientific Facts in the Qur'an".

Now, what this lecture is going to be is a fusion of really poor science and really poor eisegesis (as opposed to good science and actual exegesis).

Now, let me take the liberty to answer the following questions from the event description.

Is it possible for the Qur'an to contain information about modern day science? Yes, but the science isn't modern day. So, we won't find any newly discovered science. And guess what? We haven't. However, we do have much evidence of the Quranic authors attempting to include modern science such as copying the Greek ideas of embryology. A pity the Greeks were also wrong.

What science is presented in the Qur'an?
The science of dhimitude? Or poor appropriations of incorrect scientific theories such as sperm being produced between the backbone and the ribs.

What good would such information be?
Not very as there is no information.

Is it true that science can prove religion to be false?
Nope. Unless, of course, you take Genesis 1 and 2 (or the appropriate in the Qur'an) as literal as opposed to creation myth. Namely, a myth that is crediting all creation to a personal God.

Are all good scientists atheist?

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