Sunday, June 13, 2010

KJV Onlyist Rabidly Attacks the IBR Jesus Group

I was looking for the videos on the IBR Jesus Group that I came across a year or two ago but instead came across this article on the IBR Jesus Group. It is...insane.

It makes some nasty pronouncements towards the IBR Jesus Group:

Regardless of their silence, every pastor, every preacher, every teacher, every scholar, every Christian who in any way accommodates these scholars, is equally guilty of the same sins and blasphemies, and while a man may scoff at that today, Jesus Christ will verily condemn that man for it on the day of judgment, and without respect of persons.
They go on

And yet, as surely as day follows night, there are those who don't believe this; there are those who will still in any way traffic with these men, not knowing that their trafficking will lead them into a fire that they cannot escape, all their skills notwithstanding, and thus they don't really believe this is true, they don't really believe that the above Scripture...

So, apparently, the IBR Jesus Group and their "defenders" are vipers, heading straight to an unescapable fire and are "enemies of the cross of Christ." Ridiculous! When you get to the final pages they show that the whole attack was simply because the NET Bible is not the King James Version.

And for those interested in the IBR Jesus Group videos, they may be found here.


  1. *shakes head*

    thou also are of the heretic brethren!

    Hmm, I need to work on my KJV style polemicizing. I'm sure they ripped that quote at the beginning of their article out of context, but I am curious to see the article.

  2. I am sure with practice it'll come to you!

    The article can be found on the IBR site: . I actually used it very recently in a study on the historical Jesus.

  3. The Heretic Nic SJune 15, 2010 at 2:23 AM

    O that Carnal Wallace and his NET bible!

    Wow, I never know in these situations whether to laugh or cry. That was just tragic reading...And apparently I'm not truly a Christian if I disagree with him.
    (Ari he seemed to take issue with more that just the NET bible)

  4. But as a KJV Onlyist, the only reason for creating that attack is the whole KJV rubbish. And you were a heretic anyway. You and your mainstream church and your bible.

  5. Nic S, who was a Heretic any wayJune 15, 2010 at 3:32 AM

    I know, orthodoxy is such a sin...
    I just feel sorry for Paul, Mark, John and all the others, who didn't have the KJV or English yet and had to write in heretical Greek. Poor deluded fools.