Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diversity in the NT Era in Picture form! (And the TRUE trajectory!)

Darrell Pursiful over at his blog has produced a diagram on diversity in the NT era. Although I don't have any major disagreement with the group of trajectories, I do have issues with their placement across the Hebraic/Hellenist spectrum. For example, I see John as very Hebraic, especially in light of Second Temple sectarian literature.

That said, no one has homed in on the true trajectory that has only recently been (re)discovered:
James McGrath has also attempted to find the right diagrammatic expression but is in need of a hand labelling it. Personally, I think diversity in the NT period is a straw man regarding Bauer's hypothesis as proto-orthodoxy was something broadly defined.

Anyway, here are some possible interpretations:

(HT: Michael Bird and James McGrath)


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