Sunday, October 3, 2010

I hope this is a joke

Jim West reports the terrible news that actor George Clooney is officially a fool. Wire Service Canada writes:
In a film written and directed by Clooney, he claims that the Roman Catholic Church and the figurehead of Jesus were knowing inventions of the Roman government in the first century B.C.E., part of a hoax designed to produce a passive, orderly society.
 While the theory itself is ridiculous and unfounded, this statement by the journalist wins the prize:
While there is much historical evidence to support Clooney’s claims, his motives for revealing such potentially explosive secrets are being called into question.
Where is this historical evidence? I ask this having read every major source on the late Roman Republic and early Christian history.

On further investigation, I am suspecting it is made up. The individual who submitted the article to Newswire has repeated the same rubbish history minus references to Clooney here and here. She appears to be a conspiracy theorist at best although fellow crazies theorists  call her "an independant information-sciences researcher."


  1. Phew, I can go back to loving Clooney...

  2. Sorry, it's not rubbish. Why would it be repeated in countless movies, tv shows, music, and books, the same allegorical telling of the events in the lives of Julius Caesar and his children, unless it is being placed there intentionally by a group who knows it's true? Coincidence?

    You might find it interesting that I found this information when I began to study history to try to DISPROVE the wild conspiracy theories I was reading. I was upset to find such an unspeakably massive fraud had been perpetrated on so many, but I fought to stay open in my mind and my heart to a truth I was clearly being led to find.

    Give my theory a try, read a bit, and look for yourself. We are given great challenges in our lives, and sometimes they include letting go of illusions, whether professional or personal.

    All the best,
    Susan Maureen Brandt

  3. Hi Susan,

    Can you please address the issue of the legitimacy of the article. That is, is George Clooney really directing a movie that "claims that the Roman Catholic Church and the figurehead of Jesus were knowing inventions of the Roman government in the first century B.C.E., part of a hoax designed to produce a passive, orderly society"?

    On your theory, the lack of references to historical sources and the clear conjecture are why I, as an ancient historian, find the claims to be essentially "rubbish" history.

    A reply to the first question would be very much appreciated before moving on to your historical hypothesis.



  4. Methinks somebody needs to go back on their bi-polar medication.

    "Brandt also theorizes that a highly-organized cult is behind the global fraud, consisting of devoted members who believe they are the direct descendants of nobility who survived the 10,000 B.C.E. destruction of the lost continent of Atlantis, which, according to her research, was more likely known as Ros in the ancient world."

  5. Hi, I am from Australia.

    But the entire Biblical story about Saint Jesus is essentially a fictional fabrication, the purposes of which were to consolidate the worldly power of the then church "fathers" who put together what became the "official" Christian text.

    Also a critique of what is usually promoted as "religion".

  6. Hi Ari,

    Yes, I'm happy to address the legitimacy of my article.

    You say, "...George Clooney really directING a movie..."

    But what I said was, "A shocking allegation HAS BEEN made by American movie actor, George Clooney a film written and directed by Clooney"

    The movie is Leatherheads, from a few years ago, though the American repeats some of the same information. The reader of the article assumes it much be a new movie because they haven't heard of it, and it's SO shocking they think the press surely would have reported on it in the past. The other aspect of the press release that is shocking to people but not a lie, is that he does indeed claim these things in the movie, but he does so through consistent use of allegory and encoded symbolism.

    No, I am not in need of medication, though I find it pretty depressing that the world turns out to be run by a very sinister group who, nastily, even encode children's books with their symbolic bragging. For example, if I tell you that Dr. Seuss books are encoded with these same types of messages, you might assume that's impossible. But it's an accepted fact that Dr. "Zeus" (because they're worshiping Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and yes, Atlantis) had parents that were German, he was hired to produce war propaganda during the war, and his books have political messages. The hard thing to grasp is not the above, but that a man like that, in our homes, teaching our children, could be an evil con artist. The challenge is to grasp that we have been fooled, that we are WRONG to not have realized the modern world is a carefully orchestrated scam, and EVERY GLOBAL INSTITUTION is lying to us to advance a shared group of goals. And that our beloved celebrities are the stars in a family in which everyone is raised to be master liars and deceivers. That's why the biggest awards in the world go to actors who "act", the producers of false versions of reality or "films", authors of books of made-up stories or distorted facts, peace makers who further the illusion that separate countries are acting separately and have trouble getting along, and even to scientists who can find profitable scientific discoveries while encoding them in language that refers to their family's secret history. Those are the two things they care about, profits and honoring their past symbolically. Where are the awards for people who are simply cleaning sections of the polluted environment, or who are finding better ways to live that have NOTHING to do with racial confusion, ancient history, rituals, and traditions? They're just actually making the world better, with no encoded symbols? And by the way, people who are "protecting" large areas of unspoiled land are, well, just buying it for the "family" to use, live on, have as a refuge as they continue to wipe out every major free food source for the rest of us, such as the fish that were swimming in the gulf before BP poisoned it.


  7. As George Clooney DID claim to have largely rewritten the script of Leatherheads himself, and directed and produced it, he is making outright choices to create a movie which point for point describes, in symbolic allegory, that the Romans were akin to unruly early pro-football teams at the time of Caesar. But the old ways were getting unpopular, as conquered groups often rose up in protest. In the movie, there is a young football (therefore Roman) "star" (Lucius Caesar, Julius' son, who was extremely charismatic and clever) who is drawing huge crowds at college games (he was a Roman Senator and faked it as a celebrated British King) but who hides the secret that instead of being an amazing war hero, he is just an ex-soldier who faked his heroism (Jesus): the appearance of his greatest act is based on that he was literally sleeping and then woke up, rather than truly overcoming actual death with a superhuman act (Jesus rising from the dead). Clooney here is heavy-handedly CLAIMING to know that Jesus was a Roman soldier who faked the crucifixion after failing to convert the Jewish faith into changing their rules and paying his family taxes, his goal, and slept his way through his supposed death, then got caught walking around after, so was claimed to have risen from the dead. Think about it, it's a crazy, hard to believe myth many of our ancestors were forced under the threat of death or torture to believe, and those who said "Hogwash!" were killed, thus genetically selecting a European population of the most passive and gullible.

    As for historical sources, I began reading history books to educate myself so that I could figure out if there was anything to conspiracy theories that claimed history had largely been faked. To my shock and horror, I found history books vague, deceptive, and apparently trying to hide clues even as they revealed them. It soon became very easy to read between the lines of conventional history, cross-reference a few family trees, and begin to understand the real story. Sadly, the "historians" have lied to get what they wanted - land, money, and power for their own large, extended family, which maintains its genealogy through incest, arranged marriage, and a close eye on the behavior of its members, whom it tortures or punishes with death or public humiliation for any misstep or rebellion.


  8. I have written a second article, "George Clooney Hoax Explained: The Art of Allegory" which details the precise symbols Clooney uses to "claim" this secret truth. It is simply beyond coincidence that the symbols are used so consistently in so many films that I can watch a movie like this, say out loud, "There, That part represented Caesar's attack in 55 BC, next Julia and Lucius will have to flee to France", and the NEXT LINE in the movie is ALWAYS about France. A door with two 4's on it means 44 BC, when Caesar was assassinated by his own son, the former Jesus. People's names are encoded, for instance on the Mentalist tv show right now, three episodes symbolically showing Lucius and his siblings beginning to take over Britain, three episodes in a row, have characters named Dublin, Wale, and Brit. Colors are used in a heavy-handed way, such as Lexie's soaked-in-red appearance in Leatherheads, making her a symbol for Julia's transformation into Mary Magdalene in early Christianity. And this is all done, I believe, to secretly boast about how clever their ancestors were to make a switch from imposing their Roman authority through direct violence and outward oppression, to inventing and enforcing the mental prisons we now maintain for ourselves, around the world, by wanting to believe in leaders rather than our own power to change, to want to see the world as a good place rather than a mess of lies and frightening conquerors, and in not wanting to see that it's ALWAYS greedy people who get the biggest slice of the pie, and likely steal the whole thing, and it's ALWAYS power-hungry people who end up with excessive amounts of power. They lie. Can you cope with that? I couldn't for a long time. But eventually I just had to face that if a single key unlocks identical codes in the Bible, pop music, films, books, Greek Myths, Turkish anagrams, The History of the British Kings, modern magazines and newspapers, news events, early Arabian love poetry, and on and on, maybe it's because a single family group has a long tradition of gaining power through the use of disguises and codes.

    For someone like you, I understand that considering this or even admitting that you're one of them could lead to breakdown, disgrace, and even death. So you won't.

    Susan Maureen Brandt

    And thanks, anonymous, for the support!

  9. Susan, the short answer surely was "No, George Clooney has not claimed "that the Roman Catholic Church and the figurehead of Jesus were knowing inventions of the Roman government in the first century B.C.E., part of a hoax designed to produce a passive, orderly society." You made it up and released a phoney press release - there is no such movie.

    You can interpret it in the most idiosyncratic way possible but this will not make a film that doesn't exist exist.

  10. Clooney got only part of the story right. The Gospels were written by the consular Piso family. The literature came from the Flavian dynasty which took over from the Julians. Read Caesar's Messiah by Joseph Atwill.
    Another book called The Single Strand will be coming out next month which elaborates on the hoax of Christianity.

  11. No, Ari, it's NOT a phony press release! I'm a real person, and what I'm saying are REAL FACTS!

    George Clooney DID make a movie claiming from start to end that this stuff happened. And I think that fact should be put in the press, not just in these amazingly consistent subliminal story lines. Why are we fooled into watching them? Why do they get to hide that fact?

    The sad fact is this: the authorities are not trustworthy. THEY are liars.

    What I find amazing about people like you is that you don't even PRETEND to have spent a moment envisioning that this might be true. You just get going on that agenda you were trained to follow, deny, deny, deny.

    Doesn't sound very Jesus-ish to me. What did He teach you to do when evidence was given that the rulers were corrupt?

  12. Yes, Susan, it was a phony press release.