Sunday, October 10, 2010

0/10 Bibliobloggers Share My Music Taste

*Statistics may not be based on any data (like that is the first time).

The most common sorts of songs on my playlist would best be described using the terms "Euro" or "dance"/"Electro"/"Trance". The origins of this love, nay, lust, are debatable. It may be my European side, it may be my hyper persona or it may be a consequence of my simple non-existence as a present figure. But origins aside, a selection of my music (which, surely, are on par with Jim West's  total depravity) include:

Contrary to popular belief, some people do in fact listen to this music without ecstasy in their system. A brief note - I like many German songs similar to these, but I have found the more German the song the more inappropriate the music video is for this blog ;)

But the eclectic person I am, I also enjoy music from around 10 years before my time. Yet needless to say, these songs on occasion may be better enjoyed  updated.

Please don't hold this against me and remove me from your blog roll.


  1. Oh man, this IS pretty depraved!


  2. Haha, thanks for the honesty, Esteban!