Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unlocking Romans

While I was browsing through Koorong Bookstore I saw a copy of Unlocking Romans: Resurrection and the Justification of God by J.R. Daniel Kirk. I had a quick look through it and was quite impressed.  I then turned to the backcover and noticed it was $55. I quickly visited BookDepository.com on my Blackberry and saw it was only $26. I really wasn't surprised to see Koorong literally twice the price. I then put the book down with a frown.

Later on I wandered into the Markdowns section of the store and saw a group of Unlocking Romans for $20 each. I quickly grabbed a copy. While I have barely broken into it, I am still impressed.


  1. That's nothing. I tried to get a $30 book through Koorong that they didn't have listed, and when they tried to get it, they wanted to charge $115!

  2. Koorong really does take us for a ride. I recommend www.bookdepository.com. Compared to our local prices they are amazing, and unlike Amazon the cost of shipping is included in the listed price of the book.