Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hotmail is Complete Junk (+ my new fish pics)

It is. I feel like an ancient species continuing to use my hotmail account. I can live with the useless interface and extra screens before they actually let you check your email - but the fact that at least once a week I have no access to my email for a few hours is ridiculous. I would give it the flick but I really need the email account - I get many emails a day, many forwarded from other accounts, etc. I would simply forward this to a new one (does hotmail even let you do that?) but if I fail to log in often, like my other account, they will just close it and delete all 30000+ emails.

If you have any useful options please do pass them on.

I intentionally meant this post to be about my new fish but hotmail would not open meaning I could not access the photos I emailed from my phone.

*save as draft here*
The big news? I bought a fish today. A very attractive mostly-blue-but-with-some red-through-the-blue-Siamese Fighting fish. I will fix up a proper home for him tomorrow. (The photos really fail to capture the beauty of this fish.)

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