Friday, May 28, 2010

Diglot reviews "Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?"

Anonymous anti-reformed textual critic Kevin/Diglot has a review of James D.G. Dunn's Did the First Christians worship Jesus? that is worth pointing out. Not so much that it is a critical review (which it isn't), but that the subject matter of the book is of immense interest to myself.

I have intentionally not bought the book for the time being as I am overwhelmed with less interesting reading and I know I'll mix my priorities up pretty bad.

Edit: It looks like I just copied James McGrath, but I didn't, honest.


  1. No one would know you copied McGrath because you don't use the word "lost" even once in the post. ;-)

    Chuck Grantham

  2. Hahaha. I gave up on lost after a few episodes. Last thing I remember is there being a TV ad for a polar bear on the island and I never followed it up.