Sunday, May 30, 2010

2010 Trinity Blogging Summit is live

Nich Norelli has posted up the 2010 Trinity Blogging Summit papers (and two debates). Sadly, he did not really make it in time for Trinity Sunday (it now being Monday here) but I'll let it slide. The works are as follows:
  1. Flame of Yah: Trinity and Divine ErosPeter J. Leithart
  2. An Introduction to The Letters to Serapion on the Holy Spirit by Athanasius of AlexandriaBrian LePort
  3. The Knowable-Unknowable Triune God: Gregory Palamas’s Essence-Energy Distinction from the Perspectives of Vladimir Lossky and Catherine Mowry LaCugnaJohnDave Medina
  4. “My Father is greater than I.” – Jesus. (John 14:28)Anne Kim
  5. The Nicene Creed and Trinitarian Pedagogy — Nick Norelli
  6. A Trinitarian-Christological Bibliography — Nick Norelli
  7. The Trinity: Is It or Is It Not Sound Biblical Doctrine?: A Christadelphian/Trinitarian Debate — Searchingone1033 & Nick Norelli
  8. Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Biblical?: A Unitarian/Trinitarian Debate — HiddenNChrist2 & Nick Norelli
Looking forward to reading them, although I probably won't get into the debates due to their sheer length.


  1. My parts of the debates are the only ones worth reading so that cuts it in half right there. ;-)