Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Orthodox Church by John Anthony McGuckin

I am about to start reading The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to its History, Doctrine and Spiritual Culture by John Anthony McGuckin. McGuckin is an ordained Orthodox priest, Orthodox theologian and scholars of early church and Byzantine history.

Eastern Orthodoxy tends to be the religion ignored by many in the West although it is the second largest individual Christian denomination. I guess the issue is that the Catholics in the West do not have much contact with it and the Protestants write it off as Roman Catholicism. Yes, they have their similarities- but they also have their big differences.

The key chapters of the book are:
  1. The Pilgrimage of the Orthodox through History
  2. The Orthodox Sense of Tradition
  3. The Glory of God
  4. The Economy of Salvation
  5. The Holy Mysteries and Liturgies
  6. ‘The God-Beloved Emperor’: Orthodoxy’s Political Imagination
  7. Orthodoxy and the Contemporary World

Anyway, I hope the book is interesting

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