Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where are they now, the Ari edition.

It has been some time since I last published to this blog and my irritation with conspiracy theorist brought me back in a reactionary mood. But it is a new year - so by way of update, what am I doing now? I have put a hold on further academic endeavours in the field of ancient history and New Testament scholarship and am currently practicing as a Barrister. Yes, those British/Australian lawyers who wear the olden day clothes and wigs. I look hilarious.

Yes, I walk around in public and present in court dressed like this.
For those unfamiliar with a Barrister, in Australia (and the UK) the legal profession is split into two types of practitioners. Barristers are the small group of lawyers who are specialists in court room advocacy and the rules of evidence.

My role as a barrister is no different to my ancient history scholarship. I evaluate evidence and base a theory on it and then I argue it against an opponent in peer review. The only difference is it is oral and you need to deal with witnesses who constantly change their evidence. Maybe it is fluid history.

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