Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Amsterdam

The TV show New Amsterdam is airing for the first time in Australia now. It sounds like the most ridiculous concept. This is my re-enactment of how the show proposal went down:

A: Well, we have a new TV show. It follows the life of a New York detective named John Amsterdam who solves homicide crimes.
B: And...?
A: Umm...and...he is searching for his soul mate. Yeah, he is searching for his soul mate while solving these crimes.
B: Okay, but doesn't that sound a little generic?
A: No...err...because...he can't die...until...he finds his soul mate! 
B: OH EM GEE and he tests his immortality by killing himself every now and then!!!

Short Aussie Promo:

Longer promo: 

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