Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Sorry, Greece is closed..."

While I was in England this time last year I visited a little travel agency in the small town of Batley, West Yorkshire. I was inquiring about going to Greece for a bit as the horrible weather of England was driving me insane. I really don't know what it was - but for some reason the travel agent informed me Greece was closed. Closed!

Look, I was a bit sceptical at first but she assured me that Greece was in fact closed.  The whole country was closed - just like countries often do. Who was I to argue - she was the travel agent and I was just some foreigner!? She then informed me that alternatively I could have purchased a nice holiday to other English destinations.

I wish someone had informed me that countries periodically close in Europe!


  1. All those ruins and broken statues.... They've finally decided it's time for some renovation.

    Chuck Grantham

  2. Haha. That could just be it!

  3. lol that is funny! Is that when all the forest fires were raging?


  4. It was just amazing, but had nothing to do with fires. I think the fires were a year or two earlier?