Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

Recently on the UK radio show Unbelievable? prominent New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham and James Crossley (Uni. of Sheffield) have discussed/debated Bauckham's thesis of Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. Although I am yet to finish listening to the second session, I am sure I will endorse it (because the world needs my endorsment, right?). They both seem like qualifieid scholars. My opinion on Bauckham's thesis so far is that even if you don't entirely agree with him, he has put the issues many have had with the classical view of oral tradition under the spotlight. Surely, there is so many problems with the view; and Dunn has also recently had a go at putting some checks on anonymous traditions run-wild.

Anyway, you can stream the show online or you can download it as a podcast. I prefer the podcast as it lets you download the mp3 for later use.

For streaming: Part 1, Part 2


A short interview with Richard Bauckham by Dr John Dickson of CPX on Jesus and the role of eyewitnesses.

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